Our History

1992 Foundation of the company
1994 Release of the Crossroad magazine (separate edition with information about used cars)
1997 Release of the Crossroad magazine (separate edition with information about the bike parts)
  • Data Next becomes a limited company and is now called Data Next Co Ltd.
  • Launch of the Crossroad website
2000 Establishment of the Printing Department
2001 Release of the UtinaLife magazine (information about the real estate and recycle stores)
  • Launch of the CROSSROAD Internet Service Net 21
  • Foundation of Net Life Co Ltd.
  • Net Life Co Ltd. becomes a publishing company
  • Crossroad separate edition is renamed to Cross.net
  • Launch of the Ryukyu-no-shima website
  • Launch of the Ryukyujin job web search
  • Introducing of the shopping portal information website Ryukyu-no-shima
  • Ryukyu-no-shima website is updated
2010 Launch of the Ryukyu-no-shima BEAUTY website (information on beauty treatment for women in Okinawa)
  • Update of the CROSSROAD Internet Service “net 21″
  • CROSS.net magazine (information about bikes) is renamed to Crossbike
  • Ryukyu-no-shima BEAUTY website is renamed to Uchina-Chura
  • Okinawa-kaimono-ichiba website is updated (information about shopping in Okinawa)
  • Launch of the Flea Market Okinawa website (information about products – buying/selling)
  • Release of the Okinawa1tv ~ broadcasting and distribution ~ homepage release
  • Official authorization of the Ustream studio
2012 Launch of the Chura-Cross website – (support for female drivers in Okinawa)
2013 Billboards & CM production
2014 Homepage release ~ web design production ~ launch of the Koyagi-web website
2015 Net Life’s website is updated