Privacy Policy

DataNext Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) abides by the following personal information protection policy. The purpose of the policy is to implement a system to protect personal information of our customers, to recognize the importance of protection of personal information of our customers, and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect personal information.

Management of personal information

The Company will strive to keep the personal information of our customers accurate and up to date. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or distribution of personal information, the we implement a system of maintenance and management of customer’s information and take necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access of or disclosure.

Use of personal information

We will use personal information of our customers to communicate with our customers for business purposes. The preferred mode of communication will be via e-mail.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose personal information about our customers to third parties, unless the customer explicitly grants consent to disclose personal information to a third party.

If disclosure is necessary to provide requested service

In case it is necessary to disclose customer information in order to performs a requested service, we will obtain explicit consent of the customer to disclose the information.

When disclosure in required by law

In cases where required by law, customer information may be disclosed to appropriate authorities.

Safety measures for personal information

The Company, to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information, has taken all possible measures to ensure security of data storage systems.

Inquiries by the customer

If the customer request to view, modify, or remove his/her personal information from our records, upon verifying the identity of the requesting person we will comply with customer’s request to the extent of our ability.

Compliance with laws and regulations, and review of policy

The Company will periodically review this policy to ensure compliance with laws of Japan that apply to storage and disclosure of personal information. The Company may also modify this policy as necessary to improve services to our customers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding handling of personal information please contact us at the following address:

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TEL +81(0)98-860-0001
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